image of the words lisa made this

Hi! I'm Lisa!

Welcome to my capstone project for Code Louisville!

For this course, we took modules such as HTML, CSS, Git / Github, how to use the console, JavaScript / jQuery / Ajax, as well as modules on accessibility, optimization, design patterns, and frameworks.

You can check out my profile over at Treehouse to see the modules I've completed.

How was this site made?

  • Created mobile first
  • Laid out using flexbox
  • Accessiblity when applicable
  • SEO when applicable
  • Front end optimization so it loads quickly (images optimized for the web, DRY code)
  • Images are pulled from Flickr using Ajax

How was this site not made?

  • Minification of the code was not utilized as I needed to make changes on the fly
  • I did not use a framework such at bootstrap or foundation as that would have been more complex than I needed